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Why Do We Cross Stitch?


Many of us say we enjoy stitching because it is relaxing. However, we spend countless hours pulling out miscounted stitches, searching the floor on our hands and knees looking for lost needles and counting over and over and over! How can this be relaxing? Well, it is.

I have been cross stitching since I was in high school. My first piece was of sweet bunnies marching in a grassy field as they were going on a summer picnic. It had backstitch, tweeding and many, many colors. I loved every second of it and it is displayed proudly in my home.

I get a fluttery feeling in my stomach when I lay out my fresh cut linen on the table next to my new chart and my collection of floss colors. I enjoy the creative side of this art because there is no law that says I have to follow the color guides and I am able to choose colors that better suit me. I can't decide between two greens for my towering pine tree? No problem, I am able to do tweeding (taking one strand of two different colors and combining them). In the end I am able to embellish my project to show who I am. I add charms, buttons, beads or greenery. The sky is the limit!

Cross stitch helps me relax after a long day. There is nothing more satisfying than watching your project move forward to completion and to feel proud of my hard work. I also find it fun to look at my framed pieces and remember where I was in my life while creating a certain piece. 

I invite you to allow your creative spirit come alive as you check out the products we have for sale. Have fun and remember that you are able to follow what feels right to you.

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    Many of us say we enjoy stitching because it is relaxing. However, we spend …